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Ask Adora - For Parents

  Adora with her family

Working with her parents, especially her mom is one of the most comforting and reassuring experience for Adora. Not to say that they don't have occasional heated discussions. However, Adora has lots to share with parents who are facing the challenge of trying to be a more effective learning coach to their children/child.

Here is your chance to ask for her free advice on teaching your own children to read and write better. She credits her success in reading and writing largely to her own parents' positive reinforcement and support. She will gladly relate her positive experience to parents who are seeking a better way to coach their children in writing.


For Parents
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How I can guide my child to come up with something to write about?
How my child get started?
How I can help my child to better organize this story or essay?
Do you have any advice on finding a publisher?
How can my child use Microsoft Word or other software to improve their writing?

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