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Adora is organizing an event for students in middle and high school, TEDxRedmond. Please visit www.tedxredmond.com for more details and to sign up. 

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Adora's favorite history book (The Century for Young People) a gift from the author, Peter Jennings. "It is the best history book I have ever read," says Adora.

Adora: The Author

“Reading and writing is my life.” Adora says seriously. She hopes to use her own success to inspire other kids to take more of an interest in reading and writing.

“Nowadays children are lacking in reading and writing skills, and they are saying things like ‘I don't like to read' or ‘ I don't want to write.' That hurts me very much.”

Although Adora knows her stories are a way to reach out and inspire, she hopes this website will provide some insights of her success and a platform for visitors to access additional tool for their own reading and writing.

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Adora: The Speaker

“It is great to see such substance and focus in the youth. Our world will be a better place because of her and the others like her.”

-Ruth Jacobs, Keller Williams Real Estate

Imagine this—a hush descends over a darkened convention center as an audience of thousands of professionals train their eyes on the stage. Who are they waiting for? The corporate CEO or the latest motivational guru? Guess again. A little girl in Mary Janes steps into the spotlight and clears her throat.         

Although Adora has shared the spotlight with the likes of James Earl Jones at the National Center for Family Literacy’s annual convention and Lois Lowry at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Convention, her message reaches far beyond literacy advocacy circles.

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Adora: The Activist

Adora believes that everyone deserves the opportunity that comes with literacy and a good education. To this end, she has campaigned for literacy and a love of learning around the world; she speaks frequently at educational conferences. At the BOOST Collaborative afterschool conference in Palm Springs, she donated half of the proceeds of her book sales to the BOOST scholarship, helping afterschool providers attend the educational conference. Adora's advocacy extends to youth; she speaks regularly on the topic of what adults can learn from kids, and student leadership. She also focuses on the basic human rights all of us deserve, Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF every year, becoming a Youth Ambassador for Save the Children (and donating hundreds of dollars to their Haiti relief fund), and most recently, forming a partnership with the World Food Program and speaking to children about hunger. Her causes--literacy, learning, youth leadership, and world hunger--continue to shape her work.

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Adora: The Teacher

Adora believes in sharing. She started classroom teaching when her first book was published at age seven. She taught her first class at a local school, Horace Mann Elementary. She brought a set of stuffed animals to encourage kindergarteners and first graders to use their imagination and creativity to make a wonderful world of their own with words. After using her talents to help children enjoy reading and writing, Adora became dedicated to teaching around the world.

When asked what her biggest accomplishment is, she says, "I haven't accomplished it yet. I want every single kid to share the joy of reading and writing. Many kids are missing out on mastering an important skill because they don't understand how fun and easy writing can be."

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