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Historical Fiction
“Knights! Clear the square of townsfolk!” the Duke cried. Within a few moments, the square was empty except for the Duke, the Duchess, Myles, Didoni, and the large, burly knights who were guarding the Duke. The men put the litter down, and the Duchess lay down to rest. The Duke was telling Didoni what he wanted on his portrait.

“Make me look strong and majestic. I want no one to think that I am a weakling, like my soft older brother the King,” the Duke said imperiously.

“Why not paint a suit of armor?” Myles suggested before he could stop himself.

“Yes! The lad has quite the idea!” the Duke exclaimed. “Paint me in a suit of armor, with nothing amiss. Make my eyes as sharp as an eagle's, and my nose straight and curved at the end. My lips I care for not--- but make them solemn.”

Didoni nodded.

“It shall be done of course, your Grace,” Didoni said, already beginning to sketch on his canvas.

Other historical fiction titles in Adora's body of work include a pirate epic, The Sinister Voyage of the Bloody Dagger, and a tale of Egyptian royal intrigue, Agymah and the Amulet.


Fantasy Adventure
Kathryn jumped from her chair, slid her things into her magic pouch, and ran to the upper chamber, where her brother, Hum, was practicing various spells.

“Hello, Hum,” Kathryn said, throwing her pouch into the closet.

“What's up?” Hum asked, removing a charm he had just put on Asweet, his toy elephant, and turning to Kathryn.

“Reana set fire to my desk,” Kathryn said. “I got the blame. Now I've got two detentions this week, Dad will be so disappointed in me after all I've tried to do.” Suddenly, stomping her foot, Kathryn spun around to face Hum and cried,

“I don't even want to be a lady! I never will be, anyways! Dad promised to take me beyond The Twin Gates into the Unknown Land , and far away to the Valleys, where Mum was born, and even farther to the Realm of Iosis!”

“You don't know that, do you?” Hum asked slyly.

“Oh, shut!” Kathryn exclaimed irritably, turning back to the closet and taking her smock down from the crude wooden hanger. “I'm going to change now, so go.” Hum, who had no desire to see Kathryn in her undergarments, quickly ran off. When Kathryn was sure she was quite alone, she took off her hot dress, flung it into the back of the closet, and redressed in her smock.

“You look better in that,” Hum said, eyeing the smock respectfully as he came back into the room.

“Lady Anna would swoon if she saw me like this,” Kathryn lifted up her dress to reveal her square boots. “They're so manly,” Kathryn mimicked in a high-pitched voice. Hum laughed so hard he fell over onto his knees. He quickly rose, and said,

“You're not like those other girls.”

“Yes, well, what do you expect?”


Contemporary Storytelling
Jan. 26
OH MY GOD. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS HAS JUST HAPPENED. Okay, look. We were going to visit Aunt Garcia in the stupid nursing home. So far, so good. And we entered the nursing home. The beak-nosed woman at the desk told us to wait “a sec”. Hour, more like. And then Aunt Garcia comes tottering down, tripping over stairs as usual, muttering in her fatalistic way that she's going to die. Her dress is yellow with red polka dots, and her frizzy gray hair sticks out everywhere. Putrid liverwurst sticks out from her mouth. Aunt Garcia punched the wall and kicked the chairs and told everyone that they were demons. And then she came to us. TO US! How dare she?! And Aunt Garcia just looked at us --- and then --- I hardly dare to write this --- SHE SPIT ON MOM!!!!

Jan. 27
After she spit on Mom, she just went back up the stairs with everybody giving her the Look. Of course Mom blames the entire affair on Aunt Garcia's craziness, but I mean, well, like to SPIT ON YOUR OWN DAUGHTER!!!

Jan. 28
The cousins --- Randy, Arthur, and Elizabeth --- are here. And so is disaster. Arthur is about my age, while Randy is Joan's age. Elizabeth is only three and will be kept with Auntie Millie, thank goodness. But I can already see the mischievous look on Randy and Arthur's faces. Oh, Darn, they're at the door. Gotta go.

Jan. 28
HOW DARE THEY!!!! THE BLASTED COUSINS!!!! Oh, I am seething!!! And now I have a worm --- a chewed up, slimy, mushy DEAD worm in my stomach!!! To think of that emerging from my gluteus maximus when I am on the toilet!!! And Mom is letting them STAY FOR ANOTHER NIGHT!!!! How dare she!!! When her own daughter is suffering from digestion problems, she lets the CULPRITS stay and BE WELCOME at our house!!! The beep beep beep cousins!!!!

Jan. 29
At least Auntie made them apologize nicely enough. I saw Randy cross his fingers (which makes it unofficial) behind his back, though. There were pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast to brush away the entire affair, though. Yum!!!

Jan. 30
If I ever get this journal published, I think I will take out the first parts. Because I sort of like this journal now. Anyways, nothing that fun really happened today. Tomorrow's Joan's dance.

Jan. 31
Oh, I am stuffed. And I mean stuffed. You would not be able to guess how many refreshments there were at the dance. And there were SOOOO many cakes and cupcakes and muffins and dounuts and big dishes of ice cream. Plus Mrs. Chen (whose daughter is Joan's best friend) made her spicy Chinese noodles, which tasted really good. I had THREE BOWLS!!! THREE BOWLS OF NOODLES!!! And furthermore --- Ms. Untermeyer from Joan's homeroom made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies!!! The principal, Mr. Osborne, made lemonade and fruit punch!!

Jan Feb. 1
YESS!!! FEBRUARY!!! And it is SUNNY FOR ONCE!!! SUNNY!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?? Sunny! YESS! We get to have a picnic today at the park, what could be better????

Feb. 2
Joan is complaining AGAIN about Monday. She says that she's forgotten everything, that she has no idea HOW in the world to do pre-Algebra in Mrs. Howard's class, and that her book bag has a hole in it. Which is true. But she is disturbing my reading, for heaven's sake!!

Feb. 3
I keep on forgetting it is February!! But I am very, very, very glad that it is!! I thought January would last forever, and a good thing it didn't last that long!! Because I am tired of FOUR WEEKS OF ONE MONTH!!!

Jan. Feb. 4 (Why do I keep on doing that???)
It's Arthur's tenth birthday. I hate when he's older than me!!! (Well, he always was, but STILL!) Whenever he's older than me, he always bosses me around and seems to think that he's in charge!!! Aunt Millie and Uncle Herman did buy an excellent cake, though --- chocolate, my favorite!!! We all joined together in a “Happy Birthday” song, although I was crossing my fingers behind my back and very quietly muttering under my breath “ugly toad” instead of Cha Cha Cha like everybody else was doing. Arthur gave me an evil eye---he was standing right next to me, and probably heard me.

Feb. 8
We have just gone on the BEST vacation to Oregon . I forgot to bring the journal --- I remembered it just as we were backing up --- but the door was locked anyways and it would be too much trouble so we just left. It was pretty fun, despite the fact the journal wasn't with us!!

Feb. 9
Back to regular writing. And also back to lessons. The cousins went back to their house in Rolla , Missouri . They had a rental house here for a while. Unfortunately, there is nothing to write about except Joan's recent complaints. Which is very, very, very, very, very, very boring!

Feb. 10
I guess there is something to write about. My trip to Oregon . The hotel we were staying in on the border of Washington and Oregon (The Bonneville Hotel or something like that) had a really good swimming pool, and I floated a lot on my back. Dad did laps, Joan sat in the hot pool, and Mom just stayed up in our hotel room, reading or whatever. After two days or so in that excellent hotel, we moved on to Eugene . Eugene has this really delicious ice cream place called Prince Puckler's, and it is just heaven on earth. The heater in Prince Puckler's was all nice and warm --- a relief after walking around in the cold weather. It was so nice and toasty that I even took off my sweater. (I had to put it back on when we went back outside, though.) After Prince Puckler's, we went to this game shop (I forget what it was called) with a ton of cool stuff. Dad got this game called Cranium. He seemed to have heard about it before, and so had Joan. It looked all right, though. Dad said it was the special Turbo edition. I looked, and it did say that. So that's what we did on our vacation.

Feb. 11
Writing in this journal is getting more and more and more and more tiresome!! Since Dad reads to us from The Return of the King from the Lord of the Rings, I don't really have much time to brush my teeth, do you-know-what on the toilet, rush across the hall, change into my PG's, sort out my covers, and whatever. I'm sneaking this entry in---Mom thinks that I'm writing about parrots and their life cycle. I finished early, though!! Ooops. She spotted me.

Feb. 12
Urrgh!!! I had to sit in the chair until my bottom got all sore, listening to Mom droning on and on and on about this and that. As if that weren't enough, Joan made tons of snide remarks. I HATE THAT DESPICABLE SNOB!!!!!!

Feb. 13
Joan's friends are here. I am writing this very entry as Joan is leading them in. Unfortunately, Joan and I share a room. Joan tends to turn her stereo very loud with rap songs (which I hate) and pretends not to hear me when I shout over to her to stop. Joan's friends are slightly better. One of them, Dianna Chen, the daughter of Mrs. Chen, I even like. She is always very nice to me and brings me little Chinese sweets (which I love.) But I absolutely despise Tracey Norris, who has green highlighters in her weird short crooked hair and has these big brass circle earrings which are SO drab. She has SUCH a false voice. Secondly, I hate Emily Wilkins, who has long hair and wears it in a ponytail. She dyed all of her hair this really ugly bright red, and I have to squint every time I look at her because of her bright red hair. She sings really off-key and loudly. Thirdly, I don't like Joan. Mom said that it's just the common sibling rivalry and that it'll wear off. But I think that Joan and I will be major archenemies for the rest of our lives.


Animal Tales (Anthromorphic)
As it had been described, the Island was huge. Its trees, however, did not seem to bear fruit or leaves and were barren all year round.

“There will be no source of food!” Urra cried.

“Especially not for a horde of followers,” one follower said darkly.

“Let us not lose hope,” Welwart said hurriedly. “I trust that the Sacred Ones will not leave us without any way of surviving. My grandfather Nerbert survived on edible roots only for a period of time.

“Roots! A richer diet we wouldn't find in Orziman's fortress!” Yezimet, another one of Welwart's followers, said sarcastically.

“Let us have peace!” Welwart exclaimed, rather disappointed himself. “Just because these trees do not bear fruit does not mean that we will not survive!”

“As if,” Yezimet said. “We have been led into a trap! We follow you, to this forsaken place, where the trees are barren!” Waving his arms around, Yezimet added grandly, “Even back in the forest, there were good things to eat.”
“If you do not wish to stay,” said Welwart slowly, “then you may leave.”

“Oh, I wish to stay, enough!” Yezimet's laugh was cold and high-pitched. Welwart hated it.

“Well, then, let us not tarry,” Nanoomiah flew forward, holding a fig. “There is more food to be found.”

“Where did you find that, Mother?” Urra asked in her sweet little voice.

“Below the trees, my darling,” Nanoomiah said, wrapping Urra in her long wings so that she would not catch cold.

“Let us go search there, then!” Welwart exclaimed. He was not one to wait, as he had not had lunch or dinner and had a terribly large appetite.

“I will wait here,” Yezimet said hurriedly. He was a lazy bat, and back at his cozy home in the forest, he even had little mouse-maids to do his work for him.